Who we are

Rynfield Veterinary Hospital has been established for 40 years and has full hospital status. We treat domestic pets, including reptiles and birds.

Strategy & Vision

We strive to administer the best possible veterinary service within the ambit of our expertise and client affordability. To do this we provide a consulting service according to the consulting service from 08h00-19h00 (Weekdays); 08h00-13h00 and 17h00-18h00 on Saturdays as well as 09h00-12h00 and 17h00-18h00 on Sundays. We also provide an after hour emergency service for our bona-fide clients.

We endeavor to not keep our clients waiting. We adhere to the S.A.V.A credo:

  • To honour our profession and its code of ethics;
  • To maintain and uphold high professional and scientific standards;
  • To use our professional skills, knowledge and resources to protect and promote the health and welfare of animals and humans;
  • To further the status and image of the veterinarian and to foster and enrich veterinary science;
  • To promote the interests of our association and fellowship amongst its members.
Veterinary Hospital